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Service Process:

Inquiry → Technical Proposal → Budget Quotation → Technical Analysis → Scenario Determination → Final Pricing → Order → Manufacturing → Delivery → On-site installation → Operator training → Acceptance test → After-sales service


Warranty service:

The product is warranted for one year from the date of commissioning.


Debugging service:

We will be responsible for free installation and commissioning equipment, including on-site operator training or training at the supplier company.


After sales service:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the repairs and spare parts will be provided by company to maintain the best running condition of the equipment. If there is any problem that you cannot solve, we will guide you by phone, E-MAIL or other method. If it’s still cannot solve the problem after communication, we will dispatch experienced technicians to the on-site service within 24 hours (in the province) and 36 hours (outside the province) (except for force majeure).

Maintenance service:

A strong technical service team can meet all kinds of emergency maintenance. And a large number of spare parts are in stock all the year round to meet the urgent needs of customers. According to the actual situation of the customer's production site, we provide customers with special services such as perfect production line technology and equipment upgrade.


Lifetime service:

After the end of the product warranty period, we will provide you with lifelong service for the equipment and provide complete spare parts service at the best price.


Hotline consultation service:

Technical consultation hotline ss long as your production base, you can get the sincere service from Meixun Company.


Service tenet:

A professional team which has accumulated over the years.

Quick response, time is the money. We minimize the loss of our customer.

Ample inventory parts can meet urgent need for customer.

Committed to installation, commissioning, personnel training through-train service.

Help customers to contact raw material suppliers to ensure the price and quality of raw materials.

Help customers to sort out the local market and assist in the development of the later market.

With the continuous improvement of the company's products and the needs of customers, the product is updated accordingly.

Assist and propose solutions to any problems in customer operation.

Provide country, market and industry information to customers.


After-sales department

Contact: Ms. Wang


Technical support:Lianke