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2018 South China International Corrugated Exhibition ended successfully!

Date:2018/4/12 16:35:21

Just received the information of colleagues attending the exhibition, 2018 South China International Corrugated Exhibition was successfully completed, Xiaobian's heart is extremely exciting, and quickly organize the materials to give you the latest information.


First introduce the scale of this exhibition:

This exhibition will be held for 3 days from April 10 to December 12, with a scale of nearly 80,000 square meters, distributed in 1,3,4 of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. , Hall 5 and the brand outdoor pavilion. The five exhibitions held the entire industry chain throughout the packaging industry. On the first day of the opening ceremony, a number of featured exhibition areas prepared by the organizer Reed Exhibitions were fully launched, focusing on more than 1,400 high-end carton and cardboard manufacturing equipment, color box packaging related equipment and flexo printing, label processing equipment and more than 1,000 innovative Packaging design finished products and related consumables.


4 years of R&D and precipitation

As the leading brand of cellular machinery in China, after four years of research and development and precipitation, our Chairman Mr. Ying Shufeng personally led the team to participate in the exhibition. Launched a new generation of automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard production line, which won the praise of customers.


New generation of fully automated high speed honeycomb paperboard production lines

Our team provides customers with energy-saving, low-cost and efficient system production solutions; subverting traditional corrugated boxes and opening a new revolution in the cellular packaging industry.


Thanks to Huzhou Jinlong for trust - signing on-site at the show

Special thanks to Huzhou Jinlong Packaging Co., Ltd. for their trust in us, ordering a new generation of automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard production line.



Site interview, live broadcast

Subvert the tradition and lead the new revolution in thin cell packaging! The organizer interviewed the chairman of the board, Mr. Ying Shufeng.



This exhibition can be said to be fruitful, 16 years of persistence, Mei Xun Machinery specializes in the manufacture of cellular machinery, the new high-speed machine for four years of precipitation and R&D, we have prepared Well, on the way to promote the development of the cellular industry, we continue to move forward, we continue to challenge the subversion of traditional packaging, we will do better!

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