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Honeycomb panels have many superior properties: from mechanical view, closed hexagonal equilateral honeycomb structures can achieve maximum force with minimal material compared to other structures, While honeycomb structural panels are subjected to loads perpendicular to the deck surface. Its bending stiffness is similar to the same material and solid plate of the same thickness, but its weight is 70-90% lighter, and it is not easy to be deformed, to crack or break, and has shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation and strong The weather resistance and other advantages. The appearance of the honeycomb composite panel after processing is the same as that of the commonly used sheet, but the quality is not reduced. In many cases, it is even better. Such as bending strength and temperature difference resistance. Due to the special hexagonal structure of the honeycomb core, a large amount of material can be saved and the characteristics of the sheet can be improved, so that the honeycomb composite board has been widely used.

In the civilian field, honeycomb structural materials are generally made of 100% recycled paper, which can be made into a variety of lightweight panels to replace solid wood panels. In the furniture manufacturing industry, 1000 kilograms of paper honeycomb material can replace 30-50 cubic meters. Obviously, honeycomb material is a lightweight material with low material consumption and low energy consumption, which can save a lot of natural resources such as wood.

Paper honeycomb structural panels are becoming a major alternative to solid wood panels, saving the country about 1 million cubic meters of wood per year, equivalent to protecting 15,000 hectares of forest resources each year. It’s not only saves the country a lot of wood resources, but also purifies air pollution, thus protecting our deteriorating natural environment and ecology.

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