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A. Little material consumption and light weight: paper consumption for every square meter of honeycomb paperboard with the thickness of 6mm for the edge 4 or edge 6 is 3.6-4.3 square meters, for corrugated carton board with the same thickness (five layers AB ) it is 6 square meters, thus the material of honeycomb paperboard can save 30% to 40% compared to corrugated paper board.

B. High compressive and breaking strength: The surface compressive strength of the 6mm thick honeycomb paperboard is 5 to 10 times higher than ordinary corrugated paper, while its breaking strength is 5 to 30 times of corrugated paper.The formed honeycomb cartons are not easy to be deformed,square shaped,neatly stacked and beautiful and can make full use of container space when loading.Even if the staff is not careful to step on the honeycomb cartons on the floor,there will be no pits,after cleaning doesn’t affect the normal use,which can reduce waste and save costs.

C. No limitation of directionality: compared with corrugated board, the honeycomb paperboard has no directionality and is strongly anti-bending to any direction.

E. Easy adjustment of thickness: The thickness of honeycomb paperboard is regulated by the thickness of honeycomb core paper. The honeycomb paperboard structure always maintains a three-layer structure, its thickness can be arbitrarily cut between 5-60mm. The corrugated board needs to increase board thickness by increasing corrugated layers or thickness, causing huge increase of corrugated board paper consumption. However the cost of honeycomb paperboard won’t increase dramatically.

F. Higher workshop utilization rate: the stacking height of honeycomb paperboard shall not exceed 2 meters, while that of honeycomb paperboard must exceed 8 meters, which won’t press and corrode the bottom board. Therefore, the workshop utilization rate of honeycomb paperboard is four times the one of corrugated.

G. Lower transportation cost: 1. Combining A’s advantages, a full truck of honeycomb paperboard is 30% to 40% lighter compared with that of corrugated paper board, thus the fuel consumption will be lower; 2. The surface compressive strength of honeycomb paperboard is 5 to 10 times higher than ordinary corrugated paper, while its breaking strength is 5 to 30 times of corrugated paper, so the inner lining material of the packaged goods can be reduced and thinner (Hisense and Haier’s domestic sales of originally exported commodities are simplifying), thus increasing the transport load of packaged commodities and lowering the transportation cost of packaging users.

H. Lower raw paper inventory: The material of honeycomb paperboard is 30% to 40% less than corrugated paper board of the same thickness (combining Point A’s advantage), thus sizably is reducing the paper inventory and slashing capital consumption. The raw paper specification for corrugated paper board production will vary every 5cm, while that for honeycomb paperboard will vary every 20cm, thus the specification of corrugated raw paper is four times of honeycomb raw paper.


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